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Gold Medal Award of Merit
INPEX 2011

Over the past few years, like many other women, I found myself relying on reading glasses more and more.  I had reading glasses in every room, in the car, and in my purse, but I still couldn’t find a pair when I needed them.  Also, like other women, I often kept a pair of glasses handy by keeping them on top of my head.  But as many of you know probably know, this presented many problems. When I bent over the glasses would fall off, or when I went to get them off my head to use, they’d pull my hair out.
Then one day while searching for my glasses on top of my head, I accidentally pulled down a headband I was wearing. I looked at the headband design and thought a headband could and should be both, hence the birth of Eyebandz®.

Eyebandz® are easy to use and always accessible. You just drop them down to read everyday items like: CALLER ID, TEXTS, MENU’S, MEDICATION LABELS, PRODUCT DIRECTIONS, MAIL, RECIPES, etc.  But, more importantly, they are pretty enough to wear in public. Use them at the grocery store to compare food labels and prices. They’re great at the Mall to read prices/size labels, and they’re especially helpful at restaurants to browse menus and review receipts. I like having mine while I travel, to view my gate number/seat, etc., and they’re especially valuable at the gym where I use them to hold my hair back and to view the equipment displays. For work and play simplify your life with Eyebandz®.

Eyebandz®… Do you know where your glasses are?

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