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Press Release
Oviedo, FL, 9/14/14
New Product Launch: Eyebandz® Readers (Headband and Readers in One)
What woman over 40 wouldn’t cheer about the prospect of that? Well, if you’re using the newly released invention, cleverly named Eyebandz®, that may actually become true. Eyebandz® is a line of fashionable designer headbands that double as a pair of reading glasses. The company’s tag line “Do you know where your glasses are?” attempts to highlight the problem many women have, of regularly losing/misplacing their reading glasses, and repeatedly having to search for them though-out their day. This company claims that if you’re wearing their new product Eyebandz®, your constant search for glasses may be over.
Eyebandz, LLC, is the company website launching this innovative product which combines reading lenses and a headband together. Considering that women often keep their readers on their head anyway, Eyebandz® seems to be one of those “why didn’t I think of that products”. Eyebandz, LLC hopes to help the 39 million baby boomer women in the U.S., who often need their reading glasses, for small quick jobs such as viewing phone displays, menus, price tags, etc. This company believes that their product offers women a way to decrease or eliminate the frustration they feel from always searching for their readers. The creator said that “Like millions of other women, I found the best way to keep a pair of my glasses handy, was to stick them on top of my head, not attractive but functional”. She also states that, “unlike traditional glasses, Eyebandz® won’t fall off as you bend over, won’t pull your hair out when you slide them down, and they’re fun”. She also thinks that “Even non-headband wearers should consider buying Eyebandz® to wear at the gym and around their house”. She believes that when you need to read something fast for just a moment or two, “Eyebandz® can be a fun and terrific option”.
The company expects the convenience and style that Eyebandz® has to offer will be a major plus to women who use readers. They say “Eyebandz® are quite liberating” because as they put it “Eyebandz® makes it easy to read, what you need to read, when you need to read it”. The companies’ owner notes that “If you watch women look for their glasses you’ll quickly see that “the time spent searching for glasses is often longer than the job they’re needed for”. The designers at Eyebandz® have determined that women are most commonly using their reading glasses for quick and easy tasks such as: checking food labels, viewing price tags, checking receipts, looking at cell phone operations such as caller ID and texting, etc. Quick jobs which Eyebandz, LLC feels confident their new product can conveniently and easily tackle. This fun new product is currently for sale on the company website and is presently available in several attractive colors. Retailing at $29.99 (+S&H), they may actually save some consumers money by eliminating the need to constantly replace lost and misplaced glasses throughout the year. And as a bonus, Eyebandz wearers may end up taking better care of, and keeping better track of, their more expensive prescription readers.
Valerie Carbone, Founder