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What are Eyebandz®?
Eyebandz® combine a headband with a pair of reading lenses. They can be conveniently dropped down, to give the wearer the ability to quickly read everyday items easily, while also serving as a stylish headband.
What strength do Eyebandz® come in?
Eyebandz® currently come with a standard 2.5 and 1.5 reading strength. Similar to a magnifying glass, Eyebandz® are meant to help you read or see something quickly/momentarily. Please note: Ready-to-wear non-prescription glasses are not intended to replace prescribed corrective lenses or examinations by an eye care professional. Continuous eye check-ups are necessary to determine your eye health status and vision needs.
Can I get my own prescription put in a pair of Eyebandz®?
Not yet, but we hope to be offering this option shortly through an optical partner.
When will new styles or features be available?
Please check our website regularly for new model offerings, product developments, and colors.
Do Eyebandz® come in different sizes?
Not yet, we’re working on it. So, please check back periodically.
Where are Eyebandz® made?
We have molded and are manufacturing Eyebandz® in the U.S.A., however, the lenses may be from overseas/foreign companies.
Where are Eyebandz® available?
Eyebandz® may be purchased online at this site, We hope to be offering them for sale at more venues in the near future.