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Eyebandz® Care Instructions
Proper Care for Eyebandz®
Soap and warm water makes an effective cleaning combination for your Eyebandz® and their lenses. The same dish soap you use on your drinking glasses will work wonderfully on your Eyebandz®. Like many products, Eyebandz® are not meant to be left in the car or other places, where they may be exposed to extreme climate conditions such as severe cold or heat.
Proper Care for Eyebandz® lenses
We recommend Use of a micro-fiber cloth specifically designed for eyeglass lenses. When the cloth is not in use, keep it in its casing (most come in a clear plastic jacket). A cloth that collects dust may rub little particles on your lenses. Remember, to properly care for your lenses and the cloth. Proper and frequent care of your Eyebandz® will offer the best chance of extending their life and quality. Since Eyebandz® are worn on the head they require frequent attention and having a proper cloth ready is just a good practice.
Commercial Lense Cleaners
Eyebandz® contain the same type of lenses many reading glasses are made with, so the same products that clean your optician bought reading glasses, can be used to clean them. In addition to soap and water, you may also use a commercial eyeglass lens cleaning product if it is specifically designed for eyeglass lenses (i.e. sample from your optician). This liquid is specially formulated for eyeglass care and is different from “Windex” and other more harsh home cleaners, so never substitute.